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Electric Water Sewer Garbage


Water Rates

The City provides water and sewer services to the citizens of Burnet. The Water/Wastewater Department is responsible for all water and sewer issues. Report any breaks immediately by calling (512) 756-6093. City water is regulated by state regulatory agencies and mandatory guidelines are followed to assure high standards. The City uses surface water from Inks Lake.


Monthly Volumetric Rate.

The Volumetric Rate is defined as the rate charged on each 1,000 gallons (or fraction thereof) of water metered in any given billing period.  There is hereby established the following Volumetric Charge for all consumers and users of the municipal water system, except those more specifically provided for herein, upon the number of gallons of water used per month as determined by the meter of the system:

Service Type 0 to 4,000 gallons 4,001 to 40,000 gallons > 40,000 gallons
Residential $3.74 per 1,000 gallons $4.68 per 1,000 gallons $5.84 per 1,000 gallons
Service Type 0 to 2,000 gallons > 2,000 gallons  
Commercial $4.63 per 1,000 gallons $ 5.79 per 1,000 gallons  


Minimum Monthly Charge.

There shall be a minimum charge each month, or fraction thereof, that water is available for use. The rates shall apply unless changed or altered by ordinance. The minimum charge shall depend on the size of the connection, and the minimum price per month shall be as follows:

Rates inside City Limits*
Meter Size Rate
5/8" $25.00
1" 35.00
1 - 1/4" 40.00
1 - 1/2" 45.00
2" 72.50
3" 275.00
4" 350.00
6" 525.00

     *Fees for service outside the City Limits shall be increased by a multiplier of 1.15 times.

           Bulk Water Sales - the fees for bulk water sales shall be equal to the commercial rate for over 2,000 gallons

           as defined in the volumetric rate.

Water Tap Charges

Each building or residence will be classified as a separate connection.

WATER TAP FEE ....................................... $525.00

The above fee includes the cost of tapping the water main and furnishing and installing water meter and curb cock at a standard location.

Burnet Water System

Water Treatment


In 1951 the City of Burnet began providing treated groundwater to the City from the Water Softening Plant on North Main Street. This plant was used to soften the ground water to improve the water quality. The City of Burnet has emergency groundwater wells that can be brought on line if needed. In order to comply with TCEQ disinfection requirements during the operation of the emergency wells the City maintains the Water Softening Plant in a partially working condition. The Water Softening Plant is used for storage, distribution and disinfection contact time when the wells are needed.

Inks Lake Surface Water Treatment Plant came on line in 1986. The City obtains untreated (raw water) from Inks Lake under a purchasing contract with the Lower Colorado River Authority.  The raw water is metered according to TCEQ rules and the raw water and finished water meters are tested annually for accuracy.

 Inks Lake Surface Water Treatment Plant is a conventional plant with a capacity of 2.88 million gallons per day. It consists of a raw water intake structure with a deep-water inlet to allow for lake drawdown during the winter months, two raw water submersible pumps, clarifier,

2 mixed media gravity filters, 2-500,000 gallon clear wells and 3 high service pumps.

All City operations personnel that are responsible for producing treated water participate in advanced training and achieve licensing to insure that water quality and facilities operations remain at their best.

Water produced at the Inks Lake Water Treatment Plant is treated in accordance with TCEQ and EPA regulations with a combination of Chlorine and Ammonia added as a disinfectant. Bentonite, aluminum sulfate (alum) and polymer are added for coagulation to achieve maximum total organic carbon (TOC) removal prior to final disinfection. This is designed to lower disinfection by-products to levels mandated by state and federal regulatory agencies. All chemicals added during treatment and distribution are certified (NSF 60) safe for potable water use.

Water Distribution

The potable water is distributed through storage tanks and piping, including mains, laterals, and service lines, in order to reach each customer.  The Water Distribution System consists of over 50 miles of pipeline, 2-500,000 gallon storage tanks for the 1570’ elevation plane, 2-400,000 gallon ground storage tanks for the 1470’ elevation plane for a total of 1.8 million gallons. The City has 267 fire hydrants, 2262 meters at this time.

To ensure the quality of our drinking water we take over 96 bacteriological samples each year at various points throughout the system.  These samples are delivered to an approved laboratory for analysis and the results are forwarded to TCEQ. TCEQ contracts with an approved laboratory to pull other compliance samples. All of this is to ensure that your water supply is safe and dependable each time you turn on the faucet.

The City Water Treatment Plant provides water to City customers in Rancho Viejo, Eagles Nest, Delaware Springs, The Ranch, Highland Oaks, and The Hills of Shady Grove. The City of Burnet provides wholesale water to Inks Lake State Park on Park Road 4.

We are constantly working to upgrade and improve our water distribution system. In 2010 our in-house crews completed over 602 work orders eliminating leaks, main line problems, improving system pressures, maintaining fire fighting flows, and installation of new water taps to the system.





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