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The City of Burnet, P.O. Box 1369, Burnet, Texas 78611 1001 Buchanan Drive, Suite 4
(512) 756-6093, FAX (512) 756-8560



The 2015 Spring City Wide Clean Up has been scheduled for March 28, beginning at 8:00 a.m. and ending at 2:00 p.m. (or when all containers are full). Citizens are encouraged to bring their household junk, brush, tree trimmings, debris, old appliances (Freon free only), and old tires (4 per household) to the collection point located in the field at the intersection of S. Westfall and Cemetery Street. Citizens must show proof of City of Burnet residence (driver's license or utility bill stub) prior to dropping off trash and/or junk.


New to this year's event is the opportunity for the elderly and/or disabled who are unable to bring their debris to the collection point, to have their debris picked up. Volunteers from the Hill Country Fellowship Church will pick up debris and take it to the collection point for them. For more information on this contact Evan Milliorn at the City of Burnet (512) 715-3200 or email him at 


The following items are not permitted: wet paint, batteries, appliances with Freon, asbestos, hazardous chemicals such as insecticides or herbicides, construction debris. 


City crews will provide pickup of tree and grass trimmings during the two weeks just prior to the event.  Homeowners should place their bundled brush and trimmings on the curb for crews to pick up.


Click HERE for a flyer on the event. You can also contact Code Enforcement Officer, Cindy Young at 512.715.3216 or email her at



The 2015 Summer Music Series will once again feature a list of top entertainers.  The music series will be kicked off with a free concert featuring People's Choice on May 16, followed by Cory Morrow on June 6, Whiskey Myers on July 25, and Wade Bowen on August 15.


The gates open at 6 p.m. and the shows start at 7:30. Lawn chairs and coolers are welcome.  The concerts are BYOB and kids 6 and under are free.  The event will be held at the Haley Nelson Amphitheater just off Highway 29 West in Burnet.  Click HERE for a flyer.


Events are as follows:

May 16 - People's Choice - Free Admission

June 6 - Cory Morrow with Prophets & Outlaws - $10

July 25 - Whiskey Myers with Cody Bryan Band - $15

August 15 - Wade Bowen with Judson Cole Band - $15


Sponsored by the Burnet Parks and Recreation Department and the Burnet Economic Development Corporation with cooperation from KBEY Radio and Double Eagle Entertainment.



Flatt Lonesome will be the featured entertainment at this year's Bluegrass Festival.  Also entertaining will be the Sieker Band and Dueling Hearts. 


A major change to the event is the inclusion of a Fiddler's Contest.  The Fiddler's Contest will be held earlier in the day, followed by open mic (assuming time allows) and then followed by the Bluegrass concerts.  The Fiddler's Contest will offer a total purse of over $4,000 in cash prizes as follows:

  Ages 0-15—10 Places $250 to $10

  Over 64—5 Places $250 to $50

  OPEN (any age) —5 places $500 to $300

  Accompanist—5 places $200 to $50


Gates Open at 9 a.m.

Fiddlers Contest starts at 10 a.m. (Sign ups 30 minutes before division)

Sieker Band - 4:00 p.m.

Dueling Hearts - 5:15 p.m.

Flatt Lonesome - 7:30 p.m.


Vendors - Food - Free Admission

Haley Nelson Park - Highway 29 West in Burnet

Coolers and lawn chairs welcome.

Click HERE for a flyer.


Sponsored by the Burnet Parks and Recreation Department and the Burnet Economic Development Corporation with cooperation from KBEY Radio and Double Eagle Entertainment.



Bring the whole family for Burnet Parks and Recreation's "2015 Movies in the Park" to be held at Haley Nelson Park Amphitheater, just off Highway 29 West in Burnet.


This year's lineup includes:

Frozen - April 17 (PG)

The Box Trolls - May 15 (PG)

Maleficent - June 19 (PG)

Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1 - July 17 (PG13)


Movies begin at dark

Admission is free

Lawn chairs and coolers are welcome.

Click HERE for a flyer.


Sponsored by the Burnet Parks and Recreation Department and the Burnet Economic Development Corporation.





When freezing conditions are present, make sure to take care of your four "P's"!


Citizens are reminded that with the approach of wintery weather, to protect people, pipes, pets and plants from freezing.  Listed below are some simple tips for minding your four P's.




Pets: Bring pets inside. If you can't keep your pets inside make sure they have adequate shelter and/or blanketsto keep warm. Also, keeping warm requires more energy so you may need to feed your pets more. This is true for livestock as well.

Pipes: Exposed pipes are very susceptible to the cold. Make sure to wrap and insulate all exposed pipes (insulation, newspaper, and mulch all work). Disconnecting hoses from the outside of your house, and allowing your faucets to drip can also prevent freezing of your pipes. Opening cabinets under your sinks can also help to protect them.

Plants: Wrap plants with blankets, sheets, newspapers, etc. to keep them alive.


People: Make sure you leave adequate clearance around space heaters, block drafty doors and windows with blankets. Check on your family, friends, and neighbors when there is a freeze warning to make sure they are adequately prepared as well. Sometimes it only takes a little assistance from a friend to stay safe.


Click here for a pdf of this information.


Burnet citizens have reported receiving telephone calls, claiming to be from the City of Burnet, telling them that they are past due on their utility bills and that unless they provide private banking information to “pay” the utility bill that their utilities will be terminated.  The caller is very aggressive and insists that they must make a payment immediately.  In at least one case, the citizen has received a letter in the mail which appears to be from the City of Burnet warning them of a pending cut-off.


The City of Burnet sends out past due notices on the 21st of each month and will never call a citizen demanding payment over the phone.  Citizens who have received a call or suspicious notice should contact the Burnet Police Department immediately at (512) 756-6404.  They should never provide personal banking information to someone they do not know especially over the phone.  To check the status of their utility account citizens can either go online to, click on ONLINE SERVICES and log-in using a secure password that they create, or they can call the utility department at (512) 756-6093.




The City of Burnet now offers a Text Message program whereby citizens can text the keyword "Burnet" on their cell phone to 95577 to opt-in to receive information on events going on around Burnet. Upon opting in, citizens may receive approximately four messages per month.  Citizens may text the word "STOP" at any time to cancel the subscription.  Please see the Opt-in Terms below:


Opt-in Terms: Summary Terms & Conditions: Our mobile text messages are intended for subscribers over the age of 13 and are delivered via USA short code 95577. You may receive up to 4 message(s) per month of text alerts. Message & Data Rates May Apply.


This service is available for phones with text messaging capabilities, and subscribers on AT&T, Verizon  Wireless, T-Mobile®, Sprint, Virgin Mobile USA, Cincinnati Bell, Centennial Wireless, Unicel, U.S. Cellular®, and Boost. For help, text HELP to 95577, email, or call +1 512-715-3217. You may stop mobile subscriptions at any time by text messaging STOP.






Due to the severity of the drought and in response to a request by the Lower Colorado River Authority (LCRA), the City has begun making plans to reduce its demand on surface water of Lake Buchanan.  Based on current conditions, the City anticipates additional mandatory requirements may be instituted this summer which would require a minimum 20% reduction.  Over the last several years, the City has proactively invested in its groundwater production capabilities to provide an alternate source of water during emergency situations, such as the extreme drought conditions we are currently facing.  The City has tested all wells for compliance with the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality regulations and anticipates transitioning many of our customers over to well water on or about June 3rd.  The attached map indicates the approximate area of the city served by well water. 


Customers may notice a difference in their water during this time, as well water has a higher concentration of calcium than surface water which may be noticeable when brewing coffee, washing dishes, and during other water uses. Hand drying dishware may help with spotting. 


The City will be monitoring groundwater levels closely and may need to transition back to surface water for routine tank maintenance later in the spring or if groundwater levels fall below acceptable levels.  At this time, the city intends to utilize well water until lake levels recover or until mandatory restrictions are lifted.


    All of town from 1st Street to Hamilton Creek Manor and from Coke Street to Post Mountain Rd including but not limited to:
    • Oaks West
    • Oak Street
    • Hamilton Street
    • Sherrard Street area
    • Fannin Street area
    • Hamilton Creek Drive
    • Shady Grove subdivision
    • Heritage Valley subdivision
    • Downtown
    • All the schools EXCEPT for the high school





(Click on the CodeRED logo above to register)

The City of Burnet, has implemented a new emergency mass notification system. The previous system "One Call" (OCN) will now be replaced with "Code RED". Residents who were registered with OCN have been transferred to the new CodeRED system. However, citizens who want to be included on the CodeRED Weather Warnings (notifications of dangerous weather) and other general information notifications (like Boil Water Notices) are encouraged go to the website and register their current contact information, including cell phone numbers, business and home telephones, as well as email addresses and text addresses where they would like to receive notifications, through the system’s Citizen Enrollment Notification page. Although residents are guaranteed to receive emergency notifications upon enrollment, they may opt-out of receiving a variety of other general notifications that may include road work, boil water notices and community announcements. To ensure you are included in the new CodeRED database, click on the CodeRED logo above and register your information. You will be given the option to receive weather and general notifications.  If you need help in filling out the registration form, contact Barbara at (512) 756-2402, Tuesday through Friday from 8 a.m. until 5 p.m.  As always, your mobile service provider may charge for text messaging, depending upon the plan you have.  Click here for a video on CodeRED Weather Warnings. 

Citizens who sign up for notifications should add the CodeRED Caller ID numbers to their phone systems so that they will know when the call is coming from CodeRED.  The emergency CodeRED Caller ID is 866-419-5000 and the General Notification Caller ID is 855-969-4636.

As a new feature, smart-phone users can download the CodeRED Mobile Alert application. The Mobile Alert app provides users geo-based public safety alerts that impact them at their current location. The app provides an additional method for the City of Burnet to communicate messages to not only local residents, but also to those traveling through the area. “Once you sign up, even if you travel to another CodeRED community, you will be able to access those alerts as well,” said David Vaughn, Burnet City Manager. “This is a really useful and unique feature that we are excited to begin using in the near future,” he added.  The CodeRED mobile application can be found where most smart-phone applications are found.



The City now offers citizens the opportunity to be the first to receive important announcements when they occur through Facebook and Twitter.  These announcements will include such things as boil water notices, police and fire notices, power outage notices and other City related notices.  It will not be used for advertising.  Citizens can login to their own Facebook account and search for "City of Burnet".  Find City of Burnet on Twitter and "follow" us to receive automatic announcements to your computer or cell phone.  Note:  There are two "City of Burnet" Facebook accounts but only one is the official page.


Online Payments and Account Information Now Available

The City now offers online account information and the ability to make payments for utility bills, airport leases and municipal court payments through the internet.  Citizens can set up a login account and access their utility bill or airport lease statement, view their current and past consumption and payment history, compare their current usage to prior years, and even make payments using a credit or debit card.

In addition, persons who have business with the Burnet Municipal Court can, in most cases, enter a plea and pay citations online using a credit or debit card.  There are some citations that cannot be paid online or that require the citizen to see the judge before payment can be made.

The online center can be obtained from the Home page, the Utilities page, the Airport page, and the Finance page of the web site by clicking on the ONLINE SERVICES link.  The utilities part of the payment options requires the citizen to create an account and to login but the municipal court side does not.  A small fee is charged for making online payments.

CLICK HERE for help using the online services.


Your Opinion Matters

The City of Burnet has established several short surveys for citizens to complete regarding a number of important issues in the City.  The surveys were created and posted in June of last year but have been reset in January to provide a new set of data. Citizens are urged to complete the surveys by clicking here and choosing which surveys they are interested in. No matter which survey citizens choose to complete, they should also complete the Demographics survey once.  The other surveys should be completed only one time by each citizen.  Results are collected and analyzed in calendar year cycles. 

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