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Animal Control

The City of Burnet Code of Ordinances regulates the control of animals within the City of Burnet. The Office of Animal Control can be summoned for nuisance animals including wild animals providing they are within the city limits. You can also call the Animal Control Office to report dangerous or potentially dangerous animals, abused, neglected or unwanted animals. To report a problem animal dial 911 to have an officer dispatched or you can call the Animal Control Officer at (512) 756-6404 for other animal control issues.

Current shelter fees will be charged for the housing of your animal. Animals are housed at the Christ-Yoder Animal Shelter and Adoption Center which is operated by the Hill Country Humane Society/SPCA. In the event your pet is picked up by Animal Control, you can contact the shelter at (512) 793-5463. The shelter is located at 9150 Highway 1431 West in Buchanan Dam. Hours are 10-3 Saturday through Wednesday, closed on Thursday and Friday.  Animals are held for a maximum of five days.

Dead animals can be disposed of by placing them in a plastic bag and putting them in your trash receptacle for pickup by the Sanitation provider.


Click HERE for the Responsible Pet Ownership brochure.


Citizens are warned that several animals in the city of Burnet have been confirmed to have rabies in the past few months. 


The Burnet Animal Control Officer warns the public that anyone seeing an animal acting strangely, whether that animal is a wild animal or a pet, should immediately contact the Animal Control Officer at (512)756-8080, the Burnet Police Department at (512)756-6404, or in the event of an aggressive animal, they should call 911. Citizens are warned not to approach or try to capture an animal that is acting sick or aggressive. Wilson noted that residents should not to leave food outside their homes as this can attract skunks or other wildlife.

The City of Burnet requires that pets be vaccinated. More information can be obtained by reading the "Responsible Pet Ownership Brochure" on the left.  Citizens can also contact the Animal Control Officer for information about where pets can be vaccinated. 


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